Ellie Kennedy with Poppy

I’m Ellie Kennedy, Irish writer, photographer and passionate animal lover.

The name Kennedy comes from O’Ceanneidigh. Apparently the Kennedys are descended from Brian Boru the last High King of Ireland.  Queen Elizabeth II is also supposed to be a descendant, but I’m not about to lay claim to the English throne anytime soon. I don’t look good in hats, although I reckon me and the lady who runs my local coffee shop could make a pretty good job of an uprising. We did successfully take on the local council a while back.

My love of writing started in primary school sparked by 2 events. First my uncle gave me a refillable fountain pen in the hope of making my handwriting more legible. The second event was down to Pirates of the Heave Ho Me Hearty variety. I remember writing a story in English class about a band of Pirates. I was so into the story that I didn’t hear the end of period bell ring. I remember being evicted from the room protesting that I hadn’t finished yet and I wanted to know how the story ended. I seemed to get into everything after that – poetry, girls’ adventure books, animal adventures and a love affair with sci-fi was also born. I ended up running the school library which was a great way of ordering books I wanted to read for free. Skip forward to big school and a Duke of Edinburgh’s award course in photography had me snapping the school chickens and spending hours in the dark room attempting to create
a recognisable print.

The big wide world of work took me from Belfast Shipyard to Lloyds of London. When I finally had enough of corporate life I went back to my first loves of writing and photography. I launched my second career as a freelance journalist and stock photographer with articles and images published in Cat World magazine, The Binnacle, The Guardian etc.

Along the way several pussycats made their appearance in my life – I think over the past 20 years I’ve been mum to a total of 15 cats.  They’ve provided me with several photo ops. Little Rosie my odd coloured eyes cat had her picture used in a tv ad for More Than pet insurance. I was Baird “Pet Photographer of the Year” with this picture of my Lily.

Ginger cat staring
My Lily staring down the lens

I’m now down to two elderly moggies – Poppy aged 15 and Daisy aged 17.

My Daisy with Christmas Decoration
My Daisy with Christmas Decoration


Black and white cat in close up
Portrait of My Poppy

When I don’t have a pen (yes, I still write with fountain pens with crazy pink or purple ink) or a camera in my hand I’m usually wielding a garden fork as I’ve just acquired an allotment and I’ve fallen in love with gardening big time. I have this fantasy that in the summer it will have become a bountiful allotment and I will be sitting there amongst the fruit and veg drinking coffee and finishing my first crime novel. It’s working title is The Frankenbitches and is about two sisters who conspire to cheat their cousin out of her inheritance but eventually pay the price in a most unusual way!

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