My New Studio

I got me a new writing studio!

Abbey Freestyle 470

Yes, it’s a two berth caravan. The above photo is a slightly younger model. I was so excited when I was taking pics of her that I forgot to take any images of the outside. She’s being prepped at the moment and I take delivery of her at the end of April.  I have never towed anything in my life so I am booking a towing lesson at a local driving school. It will be fitted with a motor mover so parking will be easier, but I want to learn how to reverse it manually just in case!

She will be named “The Catavan” as I will be embarking on a series of trips trawling around the UK and France this year and the cats are coming with me! I wonder if I can get a little logo or piece of artwork depicting the name to go on the outside.

Cat harnesses will have to be bought but my two oldies may not want to leave the van after suffering ‘moving house’ syndrome. I’m getting an awning as well. I am trying to convince myself that this is not a Wendy House for grownups but a proper roaming writing studio.

It’s amazing to find how many of my friends have caravanned when I’ve mentioned the Catavan to them. Indeed some lovely friends are donating gas bottles etc. Must also book in to have a towbar fitted to my car, sort of essential really!

Oh the Freedom!