The Collywobbles

When you leave the place you’ve lived in for the last 26 years, sold, given away or donated most of your ‘stuff’ and loaded everything else including the cat in to a caravan and become technically ‘homeless’ you get the Collywobbles. Well at least I have. I blubbed continually for a few days worrying if I had done the right thing, but when your dream is a wee house and garden in la belle France and you know you have to live as cheaply as poss to achieve this it has to be done. And also as I mentioned before I think sitting at home on the sofa recovering from chemo fairly focuses the mind on what you need to do to achieve your dreams. So here I am plonked in a big field (CL site) watching the rain thundering down but I know there is a whole world out there and a lot of living to do.

To keep me inspired I’m reading this wonderful book published by Bradt

Roam Alone

It’s full of tales from solo travellers who despite their own collywobbles have embarked on a journey of a lifetime. Spookily the first story I read was written by an ex-classmate from a U3A writing class I attended a while back! I’m taking it as a sign!

Also I am re-reading Karen Wheeler’s brilliant trilogy about finding a new life and love in a French village

Tout Sweet                        Tout Soul                 Toute Allure


Guaranteed you will laugh and cry along with Karen

So that is me at the beginning of a road which will take me who knows where……………….